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Tents Rental

We have available modular tents, with windows, that can be transported very easy. They can have assembled pagodas, depending on the costumer’s wishes. Tents are taking different measures and like this we can satisfy every need, for a small or huge party.

Also the tents can be assembled anywhere, so doesn’t matter where you want the party, we make it happen.

No matter the event type we are here to support you , with materials, technical team, quality, promptness. And you don’t pay a dollar for the assembling or removal.

If you want to rent a tent for a wedding because you are tired of restaurants and no fresh air, for your company launching the new product, for the expo you and your partners want to participate with products, for the corporate party that you make every year (changing the location), for the presentation of your new clothing brand, no matter the event we can do it. Depending on the available surface we come with proposals and ideas.

Our tents have different dimensions, and this fact gives us the opportunity to manage with small spaces or big ones.

Technical details [PDF]